TRADOC, in United States Army parlance (and used by NATO) refers to high-level strategic training and doctrine across the entire warmachine. Not about the way the war is faught but how. Most of the files obtained in the Cloister IV leaks are written training and doctrinal purposes; however, most are minute with respect to their organizational impact (for example, see TRADOC Regulation 10-52-3, “Moving Away from Single-Cup Coffee Makers in Senior Officer Quarters”). These will be online soon in the interest of completeness. For now, please view below what we have judged to be the most expansive and relevant Regulations and Field Manual materials.

FM 3-06: The New Urban Doctrine for Complex Environments
(note: PDF is password-locked past the table of contents. We are working on a fix.)

Fourth Offset Strategy
Media Notes for Fourth Offset Strategy (EN) (FR)
UCO Memorandum

RAND internal drafts on FOS

Now, let us imagine a near-future Stalingrad, with 55,000 residents/km and wired for intelligence, an agent all its own. ‘Nocturnal escalation of guerrilla war - sinister K-class menace growing insolent as it pours out of time in order to pass across space.’”