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Nigerian Strategic Security Special Police Command, commonly referred to as “Strat-Sec”, is a military police organization and a division of the Nigerian Army and beholden to the Nigerian Army Command, though it enjoys a wide degree of autonomy. The Command was established in 2024 following the Eko Bridge bombing as a reaction to public outcry as a counter-terrorism unit (? conflict with existing entry ?), though over the years it has seen its mandate widen to general policing and its focus come to be nearly exclusively the Lagos Metropolitan Area. The unit is headquartered at the Ajeromi Islands Signal Barracks.

Following the creation of the China-Africa Mutuality, the Command engaged in a modernization process and information sharing with specialized People’s Liberation Army military police as well as a wider reorganization along the lines of traditional gendarmarie, in particular borrowing the contemporary organizational structure of the Italian caribinieri.

The Command and Lagos State Police often collaborate or work together in the field, though the State Police has largely been relegated to detective work and prosecution, while the Command finds itself responsible for general security. However, this relationship is informal and fluid, prompting significant confusion, overlap, and misallocation of resources. Reorganizational efforts are underway, with some elements in Lagos State government advocating for the absorption of the State Police into the Command, or even dissolving of the State Police altogether.