31 JULY 2036

Death to NATO! Death to the Hegemon!

At 0133 Lagos local time on 16 June, NATO forces opened fire on innocent civilians in the Lekki Free City harbor, kicking off the 8 Hours War (which has now turned into the 8 Weeks War, 8 Months, 8 Years…)

CLOISTER IV is the internal record of the 8 Hours War. We first gained entry to the “cosmic top secret” files of the NATO warmachine program THEIA on 21 June and proceeded to dump everything we could get out hands on. We made it out with 12,543 files. Over the next month we have been sorting them and posting them here, and invite you to take a look around and see for yourself what has been going on. For some more help, our reports on the data are collected here.

We hope that, by making this small contribution to the weakening of NATO, our comrades in the Ajeromi Islands Defense Brigades will be able to benefit. These leaks are done in solidarity with these brave revolutionaries.

Death to the Imperialist Hydra! Death to Global Fascism!

Solidarity with the Kwurula Nchebe Brigades!