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NAIROBI, KENYA: Dr. Marcus Nyachae of the University of Nairobi’s Academy for Automation and Defense has announced the creation of a new Joint Defense Futures Lab in partnership with the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. “Today marks the beginning of an even stronger defense envelope, a period of cooperation and Mutual Sovereignty,” Dr. Nyachae said yesterday at a NJICA press conference. He was flanked by the Board of Directors of both the AAD and the CAAI, who all clapped politely at his words.

Continuing, he said that the first project of the new Lab would be the creation of “autonomous” defense systems. When asked what forms these would take, he smiled and said that the CAAI has made great strides in automatic defense swarms. “In the future, I dream of wars with an absolute minimum of casualty…on both sides. A war without innocent death. A war of machines, and a war of civilized words.”

Dr. Nyachae’s statement is perhaps a more poetic echo of the People’s Liberation Army infamous “Automated War for the People of China” internal statement, leaked in 2028, which revealed the existence of a secret program called 未来战士预兆 (Future Warriors Harbinger) that aimed to develop cooperative human/autonomous battlefield systems to “command mastery of the multiple domains of war, of which the human is set to increasingly disappear from”. The repetition of PLA language at the founding of the JDFL signifies the ever-increasing partnership between China’s military-technoindustrial system and the African Union Standby Force in the face of rising fears of NATO intervention in Egypt and the Chinko region of the Central African Republic.