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The Days of Fire Over Novoleningrad
—A New Paradigm of Total War
On the first of June, 2022, NATO CENTCOM gave the pullout order to combined Polish and French forces encircling Luhansk and Donetsk. To many, the withdrawal appeared to be an admission of defeat, with the Kremlin going so far as to issue a statement of victory. However, that night, as the guns fell silent for the first time in years and the Novorossiya’s would-be citizens danced in the fires of their ruined city, there was a sudden silence followed by a tortured, collective scream.

At 2300 Luhansk local, newly-upgraded F-45 Black Eagles launched from AFP Stoltenburg began their first bombing with the new JBU-45 Highway, the first truly ‘smart’ bomb in NATO’s arsenal. Three days later, the skies once again emptied of the small black daggers of the F-45, leaving below a smoldering crater and 30,000 dead.

One survivor of these ‘Days of Fire’, as they came to be named, recalls his own near-death brush with the Highway: “They would just appear. No warning whatsoever. The second morning of the bombing I had spent the night in the sewer with my children. My wife died the first night. I tried to hold her together but there was shrapnel in her heart, her neck. We had to leave her.

“I left the kids undergroun and went to find something to eat. A bomb came out of the sky as I was walking down the street and I heard guns around the corner. Instead of coming down in the middle of the street, the bomb kept going, hovered over the ground, and turned the corner into the hospital and collapsed it on the gunmen. I dove and didn’t move until I couldn’t hear anything else. When I was crawling over the wreckage to cross, I didn’t see any more of the gunmen. I imagine they were buried.”