SUBJECT: Pending Updates to Urban Operations Doctrine

As a part of the overall ‘Fourth Offset’ push to overhaul military doctrine throughout the US Army and NATO, please be advised that updates to the FM 3-06 Urban Operations Field Manual are forthcoming, with a publication date pinned for early 2034. For context, I’m pasting below a comment from General Marchese, given at the Brussels Security Conference last summer:

“NATO finds itself increasingly fighting in hostile, complex environments—often ones in which the built environment itself is weaponized against our forces. To date, urban warfighting doctrine has been focused on attempts to corral and control have been barking up the wrong tree, as it were. New updates to UO, which we’re collectively calling “Chaos Doctrine”—don’t laugh!—breaks significantly with A2/AD methodology by calling for urban warfighting to be focused in the first instance on destabilization by deploying psyop and CY-OP units to disrupt local digital and social networks to take away the local enemy’s number one ally—their familiarity with local surroundings. We’re effectively pulling the rug out from under them. If we have to fight somewhere unfamiliar, we’ll make it unfamiliar for them too. Tit for tat. The new view of urban ops is islands of stability, rocks in a stream—we hold it together with THEIACOM, with firepower, all that.”

While the General’s remarks are largely off-the-cuff, they’re quite revealing of the forthcoming report. The current classes of Muscatatuck and Hammelburg have been getting a sneak preview of the forthcoming changes to UO. Please be advised and on the lookout for delivery of the new FM 3-06 soon.