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Dr. Pauline Madsden, AFC Madrid:
Perhaps the greatest conflagration point within NATO CENTCOM is in the newly-formed China Africa Mutuality, a joint geopolitical alliance between 8 nations on the African continent and the People’s Republic of China under the aging Xi Jinping. African member states include Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, E-Guinea, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya. The Mutuality employs a similar command structure to NATO in military affairs, but primarily functions in peacetime as an economic co-prosperity sphere, with a reformed universality of trade, research cooperation, and free and open use of the yuan and naira among member countries. The Mutuality has a combined GDP value of 42% of the global economy, with major industrial, cultural, research, and economic centers in Nairobi, Eldoret, Kampala, Luanda, Lagos, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Tianjin.

As a check on the Mutuality’s power, NATO CENTCOM retains alliances with several of the more powerful anti-alliance militia groups based in the north of Nigeria and the Central African Republic, most notably the pro-Igbo militant Southern Liberation Front, led by Simon Banza, which holds large amounts of territory extending as far south as Ijebu Ode. The group was responsible for the infamous attack on a Abeokuta-Lagos train car in 2022, killing 29; (? note: view conflicting data entry ?) as well as the failed attempt to bomb a meeting of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation in 2031, leading to the formation of the Nigerian Strategic Security Special Police Command (SSSPC, or Strat-Sec).