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From NATO’s A Military View to Indigenous Urban Movements in Nigeria and Northwest Africa
“The ‘Kwurula Nchebe Brigades’, so-called, are a significant political development in Lagos State. Long beseiged by slum-like conditions, informal economies, and precarious employment, which prevented cohesive organizational efforts, within recent years (and likely due to untracable Chinese-sourced crypto), the Lagos Metro has become a powder keg. Rising to challenge a panoply of (largely Islamic) militias and the Igbo nationalist Southern Liberation Front headquartered in Kano, an insurgent hydra of organized labor has exploded onto the scene, engaging in armed skirmishes with cops and engaging in terrorist acts (most significantly and infamously in the Eko Atlantic rail bombing of 2025). Though until recently, these groups have been disparate and largely autonomous, there has been an increasing rise in organizational cohesion. The largest of these agglomerated groups is, of course, the Kwurula Nchebe Brigades, or KNB.

The KNB is composed of several loosely affiliated insurgent militias, the tactics of which will be obvious to any student of UCO. Drawing heavily on Marighella’s Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla, the Red Army Faction’s Urban Guerrilla Concept and the Kilcullen School of urban warfare, the KNB has composed a brutally effective tactics that the gendarmerie doctrine of their main enemies, the Lagos Strategic Security Special Police Command, cannot apprehend. KNB attacks usually come at night, from all angles, and employ heavy use of hidden snipers and small, concerted IED attacks to destabilize and terrify the local population before emerging from the ensuing crowd as a dispersed, swarming combined arms fireteam of no less than 6 and no greater than 12. Using nearly impregnable re-routering techniques and their own entrenched cyber experts, the teams move fluidly to attack infrastructural targets before melting back into the crowd. They often employ ‘dazzler’ camouflage or hoods as their targets, in some of the most affluent areas of Lagos Metro, often employ heavy intelligent sur- and sousveillance technologies.”