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SUBJECT: THEIA and your battlefield technology

By now you’ve definitely heard almost all there is to know about THEIA. Of course, official, technical data, as well as the rollout of training programs will occur soon. As an explainer, and to ensure the smooth transition between our current disunited technology suites and DOD’s new integrated battlenet, we’ve prepared a short (incomplete!) list below:

CurrentSuperceded by:
HIBR/other spatial reconnaissance packagesTHEIA-SELENE
UrbanScape + One World Terrain + SRVS “Haraway”THEIA Globe (accessible through new CWPS head protection visor)
HART/RSTA packages (along with other asymmetric track, tag, locate packages)Handled internally by THEIA (also accessible through new CWPS head protection visor)
ALL MDMR and MAV-based K-ISR systemsTHEIA Civitas Veri
ALL logistics & supply chain packagesTHEIA LionShare

The extent of the operational shift to THEIA’s integrated suite is variable—in some cases, it represents a massive upgrade in warfighting capability, particularly in UCO. In all cases, the THEIA-native systems have gone and are going through excessive training and testing, with nearly all participants reporting THEIA-native packages being much easier to use as well as much more efficacious overall.

Training throughout combined NATO corps will occur over the next 8 months in preparation for BLACK ADDER 32.

Note: THEIA’s command-level technologies also represent a significant upgrade and unification. For details, please follow this link and enter your credentials.