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The Project Chariot “Black Eagle” team (General Electronics, Axiomatic Systems, and Boyden Aeronautics/Nectome Ltd.) formally submits this Completion of Field Testing Report this 24th day of August 2028.

It is the findings of the Project Chariot Testing Group that the existing chipset onboard the UCAV F-45 can be made battle-ready for THEIA integration with a minimum of hardware upgrades and a new onboard diagnostic system, which the Testing Group estimates will cost around $520,000 per platform. The Testing Group also advises these upgrades can be done on-base with proper personnel with no need for recall.

Please see attached budget and NSC list.

This now concludes the Project Chariot Lifetime Extension Project. All associated personnel, space, and materiel are now considered defunct and returned to their original respective roles, departments, postings, and agencies.

The Project Chariot Testing Group.